Discover the different practices and forms of Machiavellian otium across a selection of letters taken from Niccolò Machiavelli’s correspondence between 1512 and 1527.

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After his return to Florence M. informs Guicciardini about his trip to Modena and provides an account of a meeting with his friends Filippo de’ Nerli and Guido Rangoni.

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Nerli provides an assessment of the situation of the “brigata”, i.e. their circle of friends in Florence, and congratulates the absent M. on his inclusion in the “squittino”, i.e. his admission to the elections for public office.

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Soderini presents an offer of employment to M. and urges him to enter into the service of Prospero Colonna instead of becoming a client of the Medici.

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M.’s description of the collapse of the Soderini government and the return of the Medici after the atrocities committed by the Spanish army during the sack of Prato.

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